Bedtime Stories: The Foolish Monkeys

This a lovely short story for kids. This story is about a group of monkeys and their survival plans when confronted with the winter cold.

Bedtime Stories: The Foolish Monkeys

Once upon a time, there was a very big and dark forest. A certain group of monkeys went to this forest to live in. Life wasn’t very easy for the monkeys. It was the winter season and the monkeys struggled to survive for the nights were freezing cold. They sought ways to keep themselves warm.

One night, while they thought of ways to keep themselves warm. They saw a firefly and thought it was a strand of fire. All the monkeys started shouting fire, fire, fire, yeah we got fire! They were all rejoicing that they have seen a fire.

Few of the monkeys tried to get hold of the firefly but it escaped.  They became sad when they couldn’t catch the fire. They said to themselves that they couldn’t live in such an environment if they can’t get fire to keep them warm.

At night the next day, they saw a group of fireflies. This time the monkeys were not backing down. They caught few fireflies and put them in a hole they had dug earlier in the land and tried to blow them into flames.

They toiled all through the night trying to blow the flies into flames not knowing that they were flies!

Nearby, an owl had been watching the monkeys for two days, struggling to make fire from the fireflies. “Hello! These are not fire! They are fireflies! You can’t get fire from them,” The owl said to the monkeys.

The monkeys laughed so hard at the owl. “What do you know about fire making? You are old by the way so don’t disturb us,” replied one of the monkeys.

“This is a fruitless and foolish act. You cannot make fire from fireflies, hear my words,” warned the owl again.

The monkeys disregarded her warnings and continued what they were doing.

“You are wasting your time and effort so much. Why don’t you go down to the cave nearby and seek shelter, that way you won’t feel very cold at night. You won’t get fire form these fireflies, they can’t give you fire,” the owl warned again.

“Get away from this place!” One of the monkeys shouted in frustration.

The owl left them.

The monkey kept trying to blow the fireflies into flame until midnight. They then realized that the words of the old owl had been accurate all along. They were trying to blow fireflies into flames. They realized how foolish they have been and decided to seek shelter in the nearby cave.

They went into the cave and avoided the cold of the night.

We are not always accurate all the time. Be open to advice and suggestions. They might help put us on the right path instead of wasting our time and efforts. 

We trust you definitely learnt a valuable life lesson through this short story. Regularly visit  for more beautiful and interesting bedtime short stories.

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