A Short Story About Life For Kids: The Apple Tree And The Farmer

The apple tree and the farmer is a short story that centers around the life of a farmer as a growing child and his determination to cut down an apple tree that brought happiness to him as a child. Do enjoy the story.

A Short Story About Life For Kids: The Apple Tree And The Farmer

A long time ago beside a forest, lived a farmer in a village. He owned a very large garden and on it was an old apple tree and other plants, trees and beautiful flowers. Growing up as a child, the farmer spent much of his time playing with the apple tree. Back then, he could get the best apples from the apple tree. Nevertheless, as time went on, the apple tree grew old and couldn’t bear fruits anymore.

Since no fruit was coming from the tree, the farmer concluded that the tree was of no use to him. He, therefore, decided to cut down the tree and use its wood for new furniture. He thought of how much great furniture he could make from the tree given the fact that it was old and very big, so there was no need to cure the tree. He forgot about the beautiful time he had with the tree while growing up as a child.

The apple tree happened to be home to various small animals in the region. The squirrels, sparrow, and several varieties of birds and insects built their homes in the tree. One day, the farmer took his axe and started cutting down the tree, all the inhabitants of the tree were very much disturbed and came down running.

They pleaded with the farmer not to cut the apple tree down, “please don’t cut the tree Sir. We played with you right under this tree when you were small. This is the only home we know and there is no place we can go to live.”

The farmer would not listen to their plea. He continued with cutting down the tree and the whole place was in chaos.

The squirrel cried out, “please sir, if you cut the tree down you will end up destroying my home and kids.”

“Please don’t cut it down, my nest would be destroyed,” cried the little birds.

The grasshopper pleaded, “please don’t cut the apple tree down.”

The farmer, forgetting all of the good times he had with the tree and his animal friends determined to cut the tree down. He chopped the tree with more vigor. All the animals became afraid that they were going to lose the apple tree if nothing was done. So they decided to protect the tree at all costs.

The animals made promises to the farmer, “we will sing for you when you are working in the field, we will take care of your small boy. We will entertain him with sweet songs and he will not cry but be happy. Listen to our songs, you will like it and be happy.

All of their efforts to convince the farmer not to cut down the tree fell on deaf ears. Regardless of their promises, the farmer was focused on bringing down the tree.

Suddenly, he noticed a shining thing on the tree and went closer to see what it was. He discovered that it was a beehive, full of fresh honey. He ate a little of it and his childhood memories came rushing back to him. "I can eat this all day," he said. The honey was so good that it made the farmer realize how amazing it was playing as a child under the apple tree. The farmer was very happy and relaxed.

The little animals realizing the change in the farmer’s attitude, they spoke as one: “I will always provide you with sweet honey,” said the bee. “I don’t mind sharing all my nuts with you,” the squirrel offered. “We will sing as many beautiful songs as possible to you,” the birds cried.

Suddenly, the farmer realized how selfish he had been and decided to put down his axe. He then realized that the apple tree was home to so many beautiful animals that supplied him with so many good things. He decided to let his little boy experience the same joy he had while a child.

“The apple tree isn’t fruitless after all,” he said. The little boy in him has saved the tree from being chopped down.

“From my heart, I promise that I would never cut down this tree. I now understand how important and useful this tree is, you all can now live in peacefully” he said to the little animals and threw away his axe.

The little animals were all happy and thanked the bee immensely for saving the day. If the beehive hadn’t been found by the farmer, they would all have been homeless. They continued living happily ever after on the apple tree.

There is a purpose for everything created on earth. We should never be in haste to destroy certain natural things without first considering the implication of our actions. What would have happened if the farmer had succeeded in cutting down the apple tree?  Hope you liked the story? Feel free to drop your thoughts below and visit nonnyblog.com for more updated short stories for kids

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