An Intriguing Story For Kids: The Cunning Fox And The Clever Stork

One good turn deserves another. Being crafty may not earn you the desired trust. This story is about a cunning fox who thinks he cannot be beaten in his own game. Do enjoy the story.

An Intriguing Story For Kids: The Cunning Fox And The Clever Stork

A long time ago in the animal kingdom, lived a very crafty and mischievous fox. He would first speak softly and sweet to other animals, gain their trust, and then go on to play tricks on them.

Things usually went as planned for him. One day, he met a stork. He became friends with the stork and exhibited his usual antics of speaking softly and sweet to earn her trust. A few days later, the fox invited the stork to have a feast with him. The stork gladly accepted the invitation and promised to be there.

The scheduled day of the feast came, and the stork made her way to the fox’s house. To her greatest amusement and disappointment, the fox couldn’t keep to his promise of a big feast, he just offered her soup. The stork realized that the soup was in a shallow bowl when the fox brought out the soup from the kitchen.

The stork struggled to eat the soup cause of her long bill, but the fox finished his soup easily from the plate. “Did you enjoy the soup?” The fox asked having realized that the stork could barely get a touch on the soup.

“Oh it is very lovely,” the hungry stork replied but I can’t take any more cause my stomach is full.

“I am very sorry for putting you through so much trouble,” said the fox

“Oh it is nothing; you don’t need to say sorry. I have some health challenges and cannot fully enjoy what you have offered,” the stork replied.

She thanked the fox for inviting her to his feast and decided to return the offer by inviting the fox to her place for dinner.

The day agreed upon for the dinner arrived and the fox got to the stork’s house. After the usual exchange of pleasantries, the stork brought out the soup she had prepared using a narrow jar with a long neck to serve it. She was able to finish her soup in no time cause of her long bill, but the fox kept struggling to reach the soup in the jar.

The stork decided to check on how the fox was managing. “Are you enjoying the soup? The stork asked”

The fox recalled the feast he had with the stork and how poorly he treated the stork, he was very ashamed. I think I should go now; I am having this pain in my stomach.

Disgraced, he left the stork’s house running.

Evil always begets evil. Do good wherever you find yourself. You never can tell what the future holds, being crafty and mischievous is not the right way to earn people’s trust. Did you enjoy this story? Visit for more interesting short stories.

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