An Inspiring Short Story For Kids: True Wealth

How wealthy are you? Do you count loving your neighbor as part of your wealth too? This short story is about a rich man and his son on their different views on wealth. Do enjoy the story.

An Inspiring Short Story For Kids Titled True Wealth

A long time ago in a very big town, there once lived a very rich and wealthy man. He lived lavishly. He was very boastful and showed off his wealth often to his friends and relatives.

He had a son. He was in a faraway country studying. One of the holidays, the rich man’s son decided to visit home. The rich man was pleased to see his son. He went on to show off his wealth to his son. But his son wasn’t given to living a lavish life. This attitude of his son bothered him a lot. He tried to show his son that he was very rich and that poor people are not blessed with such opportunities.

One day, the rich man decided to take his son on a tour around the entire town. They left in one of the rich man’s finest chariots. They toured the city for two days and then returned home. The rich man was pleased with his son’s reaction to seeing the manner in which the poor reverenced him and the level of suffering the poor people underwent due to lack of amenities. His son was quiet throughout the tour.

“How was the trip my boy?” The father asked.

“Hope you enjoyed it?” He asked again.

“It was a great trip dad, I really enjoyed it,” The son replied.

“All right, so tell me, what did you learn?” The father asked.

His son was quiet for a while.

“it is very obvious that you have seen the level of suffering the poor people undergo,” said the rich man.

“Not really dad,” replied the rich man’s son. “Yes, we own two dogs, I saw them with ten dogs. There is a large pool in the garden, but they are blessed with a vast bay without limits! They have numerous stars illuminating their nights while we have beautiful and costly lights bought from foreign countries. We are trapped in a small piece of land bounded by high and strong walls to protect our properties, but they have an abundance of land to explore with no restrictions and expressing true love and care among themselves. We buy food from them to survive, they are very rich that they cultivate their own food.” He added.

 The rich man was astonished at his son’s speech, he was speechless.

“I have learnt so much today dad,” the rich man’s son said. ”Thank you for helping me understand the world of the rich and the poor. Now, I can see how poor we truly are!” he added.

True wealth is not found in the number of properties and material things we own. True wealth is measured by the amount of love and care we show to one another. We hope you enjoyed this amazing short story.
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