An Interesting Story For Kids - The Princess And The Pea - by Hans Christian Andersen


This is an interesting short story for kids. It is a story of a young prince and his quest to marry a real princess. Read on to see if his dreams came through.

The Princess And The Pea

Once upon a time in a faraway country, there lived a handsome prince. He had everything he wanted, but he so desired to marry a real princess. Because of this, he toured the entire country searching for one. There were so many princesses he came in contact with during his tour, but none appealed to him as a real princess. There was always something off about them. So, he returned to his father’s place sad after a long tour.

So many moths passed by, then one evening there was a boisterous wind. Soon, there was a heavy downpour that came with thunder and lightning that made the earth shake. Suddenly, there was a knock at the king’s gate. The king ordered his guards to find out who it was that came to his door at such a time. One of the guards returned to tell the king that it was a princess who had come to the city and desires a place to spend the night.

“Let her in,” the king said.

The king was with the queen when the young princess walked into the king’s place. She was drenched to her bones, with water running down her hair and clothes into her shoes and out again.

“What kind of a princess moves about under the rain, drenched in this manner?” the queen thought to herself, “we will soon find out.”

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 The queen went into the visitor’s chamber to prepare the room for the princess that had come. She took off all the bedding from the bedstead, placed a pea at the bottom, then laid over it twenty mattresses, and then twenty eider-down beds on top of the mattresses.

The princess was ushered into the room and shown where to sleep. It was a difficult night for the princess as she couldn’t bring herself throughout the night.

When morning came, the queen asked her how her night had been and if she slept well.

“oh, it was a difficult night for me, I couldn’t close my eyes for a second. There is something about that bed, it seemed as though I was lying on hard rock. All my body ache with pains, it is horrible!” She exclaimed.

The queen then told her that she believes that she is a real princess, for only a real princess would be that sensitive to her sleeping bed.

The prince then took her for his wife, he has finally found his real princess. The pea was put in a museum, where everyone could see it, if it hasn’t been stolen.

Now see, that was a true story.

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