A Short Story For Children: The Lion And The Mouse

This is a lovely short story about the Lion and the mouse. Can they really be friends and cohabit peacefully? Read on to find out.

The Lion And The Mouse - A Short Story For Children

Once upon a time in the jungle, the Lion was seen as the king of the whole jungle.

One day, he was resting under a tree about to sleep. There was this mouse running up and down on him distracting him from sleeping. This angered the lion and he placed his big paw on the mouse and caught it. As he about to swallow the mouse, the little mouse pleaded, “forgive me oh great king!”

“I promise to not repeat this action ever again and I shall never forget this act of kindness from you,” said the mouse. The Lion had pity on him. “Who knows”, said the mouse, “I might repay this kind act someday.”

The thought of the mouse helping the lion amused him that he laughed loudly and let him go.

So many days later, a group of hunters had made their way into the jungle in search of animals. They caught the lion, tied him with ropes and went to bring their wagon to convey him to the zoo.

Moments after they had left the lion to go and bring their wagon, the mouse was passing through the path where the lion was tied. When he saw the lion tied, he quickly rushed to rescue him. He bit every rope that was used to tie the lion.

I told you someday, I was going to be of help to you. “How right am I?” said the mouse.

Give the little help you can today. Show random acts of kindness to anyone you meet no matter how lowly placed they might be in life. Tomorrow it might pave the way the for you. Who would have thought the Lion someday would be needing help from the mouse?
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