Short Children Story: The Clever Crow

This is quite an interesting short story about a crow trying to protect her eggs from an evil snake. How prepared are you to protect that which you truly love? Do enjoy the story!

Short Children Story: The Clever Crow

Long time ago, there lived a crow. She lived in a beautiful nest she had built on a tree. A snake also had made his home at the root of the tree.

Every time the crow laid eggs, the snake ate all of it. This made the crow to feel powerless and thought of ways to get rid of the occurrence.” I must go and talk to this evil snake, perhaps he might listen”, thought the crow.

At the break of a new day, the crow went to visit the snake. “Please pardon my eggs, my good friend,” she said calmly.” We can live peacefully without hurting each other” she continued.

“Eggs are sweet and those are the only things I eat,” replied the snake. You don’t expect me to stay hungry, right?

This angered the crow the more. “I must put an end to this problem,” she cried, “enough with the 

snake problem.”

The following day, as the crow flew across the king’s place. She noticed the princess wore an expensive necklace. She thought of a plan, flew down, picked up the necklace in her beak and flew back to her nest.

The whole palace was thrown into chaos. The entire palace guards were busy searching for the necklace because it was very expensive. Shortly, the palace guards found the crow sitting on a tree branch with the necklace dangling from her beak.

“This is the awaited time,” the crow thought. She let the necklace fall freely into the hole where the snake lives.

With so much noise disturbing the peace of the snake, it came out of its house to see what was going on. Immediately the snake came out, a palace guard yelled snake! With big sticks, they struck the snake dead.

The palace guards retrieved the necklace from the hole and returned it to the princess. The crow was extremely happy. “Now my eggs are free from the attacks of the evil snake,” she said and lived happily ever after.

Do you feel the crow went too far in protecting her eggs? We'd be delighted to read your thoughts on this. Kindly drop a comment below. We have more interesting kid stories for you.

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