Famous Short Story For Kids: The Patient Cat – By Laura E. Richards

The short story "The Patient Cat" was first published in The pig Brother and other Fables and Stories (1881) by Ms. Richards, a collection of poems and tales of morality.

The Patient Cat tells us about timing. We would leave you to answer the question; "Is it good to always wait?". Enjoy the story!

Famous Short Story For Kids: The Patient Cat –  By Laura E. Richards

Once, there lived a spotted cat whose name was Hen. I will wait again she said, having found nothing in the nest for she was a patient cat. She waited for over a week, then she climbed to the tallest tree, and peeped into the nest. There she found two beautiful blue eggs, spotless and dazzling.

“Eggs are lovely, but young birds are even better,” she said. Again she decided to wait and that she did. While she waited, she caught some mice and rats, cleaned herself and laid down, and did all that was in the manner of a spotted cat to do while the time passed away.

When a new week had come, she again climbed the tallest tree and peeped into the nest. There she found five beautiful eggs. “Eggs are lovely, but young birds are even better", she said, "I will wait a short while!”

She waited a short while and then climbed the tallest tree to look again. Yeah! In the nest were five tiny bird, with bulky eyes, long necks and yellow beaks wide open. “It is good to be patient!” She said as she sat down on the tree branch, licking her nose and purring for she was very happy.

Once again she decided to take another look at the birds for her to decide which to take first. “Alas! They were very, very skinny” she thought. She had never seen anything so thin in her life.
“Alright,” she thought to herself, “If I wait a little longer, they would grow fat. Skinny birds may be lovely, but fat birds are even better. I will wait!”

While she waited; she watched the father-bird bring worms all day to the nest for the young tiny birds. “They must be growing fat now! Soon they will attain the level I wish them to be. Woah! Indeed, patience pays handsomely,” she said.

Aha! She thought, “Certainly, they are big enough now! I will wait one more day. How lovely they will be!”

Licking her lips and thinking of the fattened young birds, she made her way up to the nest. When she had reached the nest and looked into it, behold it was empty!!

Disappointed and sad, she sat on down on the tree branch and said, “Well, of all the horrid, mean, ungrateful creatures I have ever seen, those birds are the most horrid, meanest and the most ungrateful!! Mi-a-u-ow!!!!"

We hope you enjoyed this lesson teaching short story. Timing is everything, but is it good to always wait? Kindly drop your comments below and visit this short stories site regularly for more beautiful short stories by great authors

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