An Intriguing Easter Story For Kids - Molly’s Easter Hen


This Easter story centers around a little girl called Molly. She had desired to give her Auntie an egg from her hen, but things don't always go our way. find out what happened, below.

An Intriguing Easter Story For Kids - Molly’s Easter Hen

Once upon a time, there lived a little girl named Molly. She was a sweet and charming girl, everyone loved her so dearly. Molly’s mother owned a chicken house and Molly liked working there.

When Molly turned ten years old, her Auntie Brook gifted her with a hen. It was one of the best gifts she had received on that day and so she cherished it. Molly named her hen Red Top because the hen had a red coloring.

One day during the Easter holidays, Molly had gone to the chicken to get an egg for her Auntie Brook who lived just a few blocks from her house. She had wanted to give a special egg from Red Top, but unfortunately Red Top had laid no eggs. She was sad and went to meet her mother.

“Why are you sad, my dear?” asked her mother.

“I had wanted to send some eggs to Auntie Brook for the easter, but Red Top had laid no eggs,” she said.

“There are other hens in the chicken house why didn’t you get some eggs from them?” her mother asked her.

“No,” she said, it wouldn’t be half as nice as Red Top’s, moreover this is the first Easter since Auntie Brook gifted me Red Top and I promised to give her some eggs from Red Top for the Easter.

“I am sure your Auntie will understand if you take another egg to her. You shouldn’t count on eggs before they are laid. You can color it pink, and I will let you have some gilding so that you can put her name on it. It is going to be an amazing Easter,” her mother said to her.

Molly managed to smile and went into her room. She couldn’t stop thinking of getting an egg from Red Top for Auntie Brook. She kept checking on Red Top to see the expected egg had appeared. The day was very busy for her, she colored a lot of eggs but refused to gild her Auntie’s name on any.

“Mother, she said. “I think I have a plan. I think I will have an Easter egg for my Auntie after all.”

Early the next morning being Easter before anyone else was awake, molly ran to the chicken house to check on Red Top. She returned on time for breakfast. Immediately after breakfast, she slipped away carrying a covered basket and moving very fast. First, she went through the green lane that led from the house to the road, and then along the road until she arrived at Auntie Brook’s house. The place was neatly arranged and the flowers well-trimmed. The birds sang a sweet easter melody as she approached the gate.

She went through the gate and soon was on the gravel path leading to a door. An old lady with a beautiful face sat out at the doorstep. Molly approached her still walking fast.

“Auntie Brook,” she called almost out of breath, “I have brought you an Easter egg, although it has not been laid yet. You can hold on to Red Top until it lays an egg for you, then you can return it. I am sorry I couldn’t paint it pink and gild your name on it because Red Top didn’t lay the egg on time, but I don’t mind doing it if you call on me when Red Top Lays the egg.

“Oh, my sweet little Molly, thank you very much. I am sure I shall like it more than the painted eggs with gold letters,” Said Auntie Molly beaming with smiles.

Good gestures most times are the best we can offer. Molly didn’t back down from her plans to gift her Auntie an Easter egg, she came up with an even better idea. Did you enjoy the story? Do well to leave a comment in the comment box below. Visit this site for more beautiful short stories for kids.

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